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YGFS Various Combined Crusher Series Mobile Crusher

features of main unit—High capacity, efficiency, medium and fine crushing, high adaptability crushing-screening, self-load belt conveyor

Features of main unit:

model and specification of main unit

Length L1(mm) Width B1(mm) Height H1(mm) Max. height H2(mm) Max.
width B2(mm)
Heigh of conveyor H3(mm) Wheel Weight
M3G83F1010S 18000 2800 4500 6000 2800 4000 Paratactic tri- axle 53
M3G938F1210S 18000 2800 4500 6500 3000 4000 Paratactic tri- axle 58
M3G1142F1214G 18000 3000 4500 6500
3000 4200 Paratactic tri- axle 63
Specification of vehicle: chassis height H4: 1650MM, Height difference between site and wheel H5: 380MM
Vibrating feeder Impact cusher Belt conveyor (down) Belt conveyor (up) Belt conveyor Vibrating screen capacity
Power (kw) Dymano
M3G83F1010S GZD-850X300 PBF1010 B500X7M B650X15M B650X10M 3YZS1548 30-275 95.5-115.5 adapting
M3G938F1210S GZD-960X3800 PBF1210 B650X7M B650X15M B650X10M 3YZS1848 56-330 158.5-180.5 adapting
M3G1142F1214G GZD-1100X4200 PBF1214 B650X8M B800X16M B800X11M 3YZS1860 65-586 196.5-232.5 adapting
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