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Recovery Of Sand Device

Adopt international advanced technology and combined with the actual situation of our country we designed the Recovery of Fine Sand Device, which widely used in the water conservancy and hydropower, glass, building materials, fine aggregate, fine aggregate, coal preparation plant ofcoarse slime recovery and environmental protection projects (Purifying Mud ect).

Working process:
sand-water mixture will be to the hydrocyclone by the pump; centrifugal grading concentration of fine sand will be provided to the vibrating screen by the desilting mouth; vibrating screen as dehydration, fine-grained separation of water-efficient, a small amount of fine sand, mud and other material by the recycle box to the wash trough; the water will be discharged when the level is too high. Linear Vibrating Screen Recycling materials weight concentration of 70%-80%. By changing the pump speed, changes in the concentration of mortar, regulationg the overflow of water, replacing the sand mouth to achieve regulation the fineness modulus. In order to finish the functions of cleaning, dehydration and grade.

Technical Parameter of Recovery Of Sand Device:

Model Pump Power (kw) Hydrocyclone Vibrating Screen (kw) Capacity(m3/h)
HX22-30 11 300 2×3 50-120
HX22-50(Ⅰ) 22 500 2×4 100-150
HX22-50(Ⅱ) 30 600 2×4 120-230
HX22-60(Ⅰ) 37 700 2×5.5 200-280
HX30-60(Ⅱ) 37 700 2×5.5 250-300
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