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Strong Jaw Crusher

Strong jaw crusher is the most suitable for the broken compressive strength which is not higher than 280 Mpa :ore and rock, slag, etc, and the most large degree materials must not be more than technical parameter table set rules. It is Mainly used in metallurgy, mine mountain, chemical engineering, cement, construction, refractory materials and ceramic industries as well as broken and finely various kinds of hard rocks and ores, etc. Vipeak heavy industry is the world's leading on rocks and minerals processing equipment production enterprise, JC jaw crusher with its superior performance and stable and reliable quality, pursue high quality equipment has the trust of customers! JC jaw crusher is the first selection of high efficiency and crushing equipment!
Working principle
The crushing Way of Europe Jaw crusher is driving and extrusion.Its working principle is: Motor drives belt and pulley, the movable plate is bobbing up and down front and back through the eccentric shaft, when the movable plate moving to the fixed plate, the material being crushed or broken split. When movable board and plate are under the function of back of partiality axisa and spring, previously the split materials which has been crushed or broken will be discharging from the mouth of the lower part of the board. With the motor turns continuously and movable plate for a periodic pressure broken and excretion, to make sure that the capacity in line will be big and bulk.
Performance characteristics
1, unique structure of jaw head, seal guarantee, extend working life of the bearing.
2, integral casting of the bearing base, adopt the new assembly process to perfectly match with the frame , increase the radial intensity.
3, adopting deep cavity "V" type structure, to greaten the feeding size (compared with ordinary jaw crusher) and increase the capacity.
4, adjust the structure of the discharging opening,which is convenient, quick, safe
5, tension bar protection device, more safer
6, increase the bearing capacity of the jaw head, make the machine more efficient, safe, extend the working life of the bearing and main shaft.
7, new oil road design, matched with the oil pump, more simple and efficient on the operation and maintainance.
8, unique flywheel design, effectively reduce the vibration, running more smoothly.
Mechanism composition
Strong jaw crusher is main part of the main frame, partiality axis rotation part, crushing cavity working part, insurance device, discharging mouth adjusting devices components, etc.
1, Frame part: the board, former box, back box welding components, etc.
2, Eccentric shaft rotational part: mainly by dynamic jaw, eccentric shaft, bearing, housing, pulley etc. Which is the main part of the power transmission.
3, Crushing cavity working part: mainly by set jaw plate, dynamic jaw plate, side lining board, guard board and other components, which is broken material working parts.
4, Insurance device: by cubits board, cubits, spring, spring board a lever and other components, which is abnormal cases on the auto-balance insurance effect parts.
5, Discharging mouth adjusting device: this device used to adjust the size of discharging mouth size, control the grain-size. Mainly by the adjustment of fixed inclined, adjust the sliding block, top inclined silk bolt, the slider lock bars etc. Specification and Technical Parameter

Model Size of Feed 
Max.Feeding Size
Discharge Opening (mm)
PEW180×1300 180×1300 150 10-30 12-35 30 6 1320×2150×1175
*PEW250×1000 250×1000 210 20-40 15-50 30 5.6 1400×1850×1310
PEW250×1200 250×1200 220 20-40 20-50 37 6 1450×2150×1175
*PEW250×400 250×400 200 20-60 5-20 15 2.8 1164×1076×1195
*PEW400×600 400×600 350 35-85 15-70 37 6.5 1920×1460×1840
*Jc760×1100 760×1100 620 75-200 150-350 110-132 24 2600×2500×2200
Jc840×1100 840×1045 720 100-225 200-500 132-160 32 3300×2320×3120
Jc1100×1200 1100×1200 930 150-275 300-650 185-200 59 4140×2660×3560
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