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Pebble cone machine, fine-grained granite artificial aggregate processing equipment

Large-scale development of China's highway construction, road building material use and development speed is getting faster .Road and bridge construction is an important part of civil engineering, Road building material is used for roadbed, road, bridge, tunnel, and other parts of the various components and structure, and finally constitute a building material. Highway construction of high iron for the engineering quality request is higher. Granite with its solid density, high strength, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, low water absorption characteristics, become the preferred stone in the domestic road construction field, and giving the granite crushing equipment provide a good space for development, which is undoubtedly a good opportunity for development of mining machinery and equipment manufacturers.

  Zhengzhou Vipeak Heavy Industries, specializing in the production of crushing equipment, mainly jaw crusher,impact crusher,cone crusher, impact break,mobile crushing plant,ect. With all the characteristics of high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection. Its production of impact crusher in the granite crushing area plays an important value in use. compare with other machine, impact crusher in the overall structure and working principle are different. The device is the use of impact crusher, output grain size more in line with the stone standard. And the equipment has crushing ratio large; product particle size was cube shape, Created high quality granite aggregate can improve the concrete product quality.  Selective crushing, and can obtain wide products graded, through the structure design also entitled to a narrow product grain size; the excellent iron over  performance; Simple structure, convenient maintenance, small vibration, the relative low energy consumption characteristics. Vipeak impact crusher machine excellent crushing performance as well as high-end configuration for its development road to build the convenient channel, with the application of granite in our country the rising status of construction industry, vipeak impact crusher certainly will have more broad development prospect.

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