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how to debuggging Raymond mill after installation?

Raymond mill is often used in the industry and introduced to China in the 1980s. It gets steady development in China market, and gradually formed many branches. It plays an important role in many of the grinding materials.

Only from energy utilization Angle of Raymond mill, if grinding specific materials and the requirement for specific fineness, you need to do some tweaking about Raymond mill. The best grinding speed of each kind of different material is different. So there is no unified formula to calculate in grinding material of the linear velocity of rotor in material particle size and level of best fit. At the same time, due to the fan speed increase, the time unit classification machine throughput increases, but also cause wind system change, so It needs to adjust the whole wind system to guarantee the classification rate of classifier not therefore reduce.
Generally, the fan speed and grinding shaft speed should mutual correspondence. The speed of each kind of fineness corresponding and fan will be different, so It needs to install the personnel's debugging to achieve customer satisfaction. So after installation of mill system, there is always a debugging process, one is in order to achieve material required fineness, One is production per unit time.
Fineness is mainly depended on analysis machine to grasp, and rotor speed and fan speed to cooperate. The production is mainly depended on rotor speed, fan speed, feed the shoes to grasp. General debugging process, determine the analysis machine fineness, promote fan speed step by step, Then make grinded materials get into up analysis machine of grinding mill with airflow. The qualified powder is precipitation in time and provide space for the new feed to achieve the perfect fit finally of the fan speed and mill speed and the expected output. Remember, the fan speed should not be too big. The moderate is good. The fan can complete the task and have certain surplus mode space to ensure that some special condition.
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