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How to select the crusher for different minerals?
When we select Crusher to crush different materials, we should choose a fitting one according to the characteristics of minerals, such as crush resist compression, abrasive resistance and humidity.
For example, quartz, basalt, granite, quartz porphyry, sandstone, limestone, iron ore, quartz lode, conglomerate, magnesium, marble, dolomite, pyrite, shale sandstone, which all are very hard, compact and tenacious, we can choose jaw crusher because of having very high capacity of crushing , not crushers which crush materials through hammering and grinding, or it will be seriously wear.
For some medium minerals, for example, clay rock, unsubstantial limestone and sandstone, compact mud limestone, we can choose any kind of crushers, such as Jaw crusher, impact crusher, roll crusher, cone crusher and hammer crusher.
However, minerals which has low resist compression, such as soft shale, chalky, salt, gypsum, anthracite, common mud limestone, crushed sandstone, Adhersionbond conglomerate, rock soil, etc, we can choose either of  hammer crusher, roll crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, mobile crusher and so on, without necessarily choosing the Jaw crusher.
It is not suitable to choose hammer crusher with mesh plate, when the ore is in extreme humidity, such as clay compound. For fragility minerals, it is not suitable to choose grinding crusher, or it will be too much powder in product. On the contrary, impact crusher will be better.
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