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How does Jaw Crusher Promot the Construction Waste Utilization
In recent years, the society is rapidly developing, but a large 222201391011ber of construction waste generated along with the development, which has caused great impact on the appearance of the city as well as people's life, so the disposal of the construction waste has become the focus of attention, then what should we do about the construction waste? After a long-term study, we have found that the jaw crusher can deal with these waste well, the jaw crusher machine can make the construction waste into the bricks.
The main ingredients of the construction waste are: soil, sediment, waste rebar, scrap wire and scrap accessories, the metal pipelines, waste bamboo, wood chips, wood shavings, boxes of various decorative materials, bags, loose mortar, concrete, broken bricks, broken concrete blocks, yellow sand scattered in the handling process, gravel, and stone. These seemingly useless junk actually is a good free resource for brick-making industry, in order to better use the construction waste, some companies have launched the special combination equipment of broken stone machine and sand maker.
First, you should simply sort the construction waste and process it, then use the broken stone machine to crush the waste materials that can be used for brick production and cement, and then further process and produce the sand and gravel aggregate by the sand making machine, these gravel aggregate instead of natural sand gravel aggregates can be used to configure concrete, recycled bricks or road filling material, if you make the broken stone machine combined with the brick-making machine, which can produce the pavement bricks, permeable bricks and block bricks, etc.
Second, the price of the block brick that the construction waste produced is lower, and its quality is higher, it not only avoids the way of destroying the ecological environment, also makes large 222201391011bers of construction waste more fully recycled.
Finally, the processing of construction waste also needs the support of government department to make the construction waste disposal industry embark on a sustainable development road.
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