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Factors that affect the working efficiency of Jaw Crusher
    Vipeak heavy industry machinery Co. Ltd. is one of the most specialized enterprises who has been engaging in the development and production of jaw crusher for many years, so Vipeak is to explain the factors that influence the working of jaw Crusher according to their years' of industry development and production experience for everyone
    According to the experience of Vipeak heavy industry machinery Co. Ltd, the factors that influence the jaw crusher working include rodent Angle and parallel with the length, the characteristics of the material and jaw crusher work, etc.
    1. Rodent Angle. Angle is two broken mine rodent Angle between components, the smaller the rodent row ore mouth is, the bigger the broken mine, the more easily through the ore, the greater the production capacity.
    2. Parallel belt. The longer the parallel is, the longer of the ore is crushed, the greater the production ability.
    3. The physical characters of mineral. As is known to all, the mineral hardness by large production capacity is low; Ore brittle is easily to be broken; Density to weight calculation of the production capacity is higher; The material of coarse grained proportion bigger when efficiency is lower; The greater the crushing ratio, the lower the processing power.
    4. Jaw crusher work turn 128201385032ber. Turn 128201385032ber has a direct effect on production ability of factors, in general, improve the work can increase processing RPM ability, but the increase is to ensure that the crushed ore should have enough education time for the principle.
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