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How to install and operate Hammer Crusher
The hammer crusher is high-speed rotation of the hammer to crush the materials. therefore(Used Stone Crusher For Sale), the base and the axis of rotation of the installation must be strict level, the error is vertical not greater than 0.5/1000 mm, axial greater than 0.1/1000mm.
Hammer crusher hammer and grate the gap between the broken particle size requirements, the lower part of two eccentric wheel adjustment through the grate bars. The gap adjustment requirements: material broken particle size of 5mm, the hammer head and the grate gap adjustable to 10-15mm; broken particle size requirements of 10mm, its clearance can be adjusted to between 15-25mm. grate the gap, but also with the broken particle size needs to be adjusted accordingly within a certain range through addition and subtraction gasket.
Hammer Crusher in the course, you should regularly check the wear of the liner, hammer, and the grate bars (Used Stone Crusher Plant). When necessary, should be replaced. Hammer wear, available alloy electrode surfacing after the repair to continue to use, but the surfacing response to said balanced; otherwise it will lead to severe vibration caused by the operation of equipment imbalance.
The replacement of the hammerhead is sure to press the relative position of pairs of replacement; otherwise it would cause the imbalance of the rotor.
rotor bearing maximum temperature shall not exceed 70 , more than 70 c, should be immediately stopped and checked and processed.
If the bearing is a thin oil lubrication, 8h after each work, plus bearing lubricant. The oil level should be maintained at a minimum a ball center position, and every three months should be replaced with a lubricant (used stone crusher). if oil lubrication is dry, twist 2-3 times in each class should be dry oil cup gland, a certain amount of dry oil every six months to clean bearings.
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