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Temperature will increase after the crusher working for long time.
The crushing process of the crushing machine is realized driven by the motor, for this reason, long time of rotation will cause the increase of the temperature the crusher bearing. When the machine is working in a normal state, the increased temperature of the bearing will be timely dispersed and not influence the normal production. However, if the equipment breaks down, the temperature of the bearing will exceed the rated value and influence the normal production. At this time, the workers should stop the machine and examine it. The reasons that cause the temperature increase and the respective solutions to the problems are as follows:
(1) Keeping regular lubrication will reduce the friction of the bearing and then reduce the heat produced by the friction. If the bearing is not lubricated for a long period of time, the bearing will lack oil and the frictional resistance on the bearing will increase, thus the temperature will increase. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to the lubrication of the crusher bearing in daily maintenance and choose the proper lubricating grease.
(2) What should be paid attention is that too much oil will also lead to the increase of the bearing temperature. For this reason, in the maintenance process, the workers should conduct the lubrication according to the instruction book provided by the crusher manufacturing companies, there is any question that the customers do not understand, they should consult the after-sales service, and they should never just ignore the questions.
(3) When the bearing of the crusher is seriously damaged or there is some other problems, the temperature of the Crusher bearing will also increase. At this time, the workers should change the bearing as soon as possible.
(4) If the bearing cover is too tightly presses, the friction force will be increased which will cause the temperature to quickly increase. For this reason, when installing and fastening the bearing, the customers should adjust the tightness of the connection bolt, and eliminate the temperature abnormity during the working process of the crushing equipment.
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