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How to extent the working life of jaw crushing plate?
The using of crusher have a long history, the crusher is widely used in mineral industrial, metallurgy industrial, building materials,highway,railway,water conservancy, chemical industrial and so on. Vipeak machinery is specialized in crushing equipment, based on the dream that make the crushing equipment have more use life, then can make the crusher can work good for customers.
Before the Crusher working, the worn speed between the up and down door is different, the down side is worn quickly than the up side, when the crusher working, the crusher board touch the material directly, the crusher board bear Great crushing force and material friction action, The service life of crushing plate directly related to the mandibles crusher work efficiency and yield capital, so it is very important that extend the mandibles crusher of the service life of the crushing plate. Jaw crusher have move plate and Set plate, It bear huge crushing force and material friction action, easily grinding bad in order to protect the plate, usually set a abrasion resistant lining plate between the move plate and set plate, this plate also named the crushing board. In the crushing process, plate and material direct action, crushing force is very big, especially when grinding the medium hardness material can make the crushing plate's bolt move, when the nut move, make crushing plate wear is intensified and produce great noise, When severe crushing plate to take off Fall or broken make equipment downtime, affect the normal produce, Encounter this kind of situation, just before starting the tightening bolt, screw Mother is not completely solve the subject, according to the actual situation of the topic detailed analysis.
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