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Common failure and processing methods of hammer Crusher
As common mining equipment, hammer crusher in the day-to-day operation of the process, it is necessary to pay special attention to the proper maintenance of the equipment to ensure its normal operation. The hammer crusher equipment failure is mainly reflected in the following aspects.
1. Bearing wear. Repair welding bearing traditional or brush plating processing repair, because of the impact of high fever, running short axis of the phenomenon, and even cause a serious accident. Moreover Brush fixes bearings, because of the influence of the layer, after some time, easy to fall off. These two methods will cause wear again. vipeak production of hammerhead, adhesion, compressive ability to quickly and efficiently repair bearing wear, and can extend the life of the bearing.
2. Bearing overheating. The reason may be lack of bearing lubricant, grease deterioration cause fever, on the other hand is bearing damage caused.
Workaround: timely complement lubricant, depending on the situation and increase the amount, if bearing damage, it should be replaced with a new bearing.
3. The machine internally generated percussion.
Reason: other debris into the inside of the machine; lining parts of the fixed part of loose living, the hammer impact liner; hammer or other parts damaged.
Workaround: Stop the operation of the Crusher, to clean up the crushing chamber, to check lining fixed parts whether loose living and tighten; replace damaged parts.
4. Machine vibration.
Reason: There may be the machine placed no balance, leading to the operation of imbalance vibration; machine wear is more serious;
Solution: check carefully the various components of the machine, replacement or repair in a timely manner, to avoid the impact on production.
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