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Hands in hands to create the brighter and better future for mining machinery industry

As one infrastructure project in China economic construction, mining machinery industry is greatly related with the whole development of Chinese economy. Where there is continuous infrastructure project, there is the shadow of mining machinery industry. Mining machinery industry develops as the key part in national economy and it attracts all sights all over the world.

Since the year of 2012, the trend of global economic recession is more and more obvious. Facing this trend, because of the importance mining machinery industry is affected slightly which can be shown from the business market in the first half of October. According to the data in the first half of October, in the mining machinery equipment business and trade, ore beneficiation equipment takes up the first place with the rate of 25%, and the following is coal machinery market, however the third and forth are respectively digging machinery and drilling machinery.

In fact, we should not only see the development of mining machinery industry, meanwhile, we should take eyes on the existing problems in China mining machinery industry. Early in 2009, China exceeded the North American market and became the first manufacturing and supplying market for global mining machinery. However, the mining machinery products with advanced technologies and proprietary intellectual property rights are not positive. Facing many technological problems, we are always being in the study process and haven't achieved the international advanced level.

In order to change this condition, domestic mining machinery industry enterprises have to collect all powerful strengths in all respects.

1) As for manufacturers, they should to raise their technological level to create good brands;

2) As for market, it should be purified and be changed into one professional, equal and transparent trade market. Especially, at the prosperous time for E-business trade market, it's very proper and duly to push some websites seeming like mining machinery factory store based on the platform of factory store.

It's worthy to anticipate the development momentum. Of course, this momentum can be kept with our unremitting efforts in all respects. So let's hands in hands to create the brighter and better future for mining machinery industry!

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