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the obvious advantages of vipeak New jaw crusher compared with others
Has become the undisputed world's most popular vipeak Machinery development and production of the European version of the JC series of jaw concrete crusher. In the face of high efficiency, low cost of hard, strong abrasive materials broken, should be preferred to the most advanced international crushing technology and manufacturing level of the JC series of European version of the jaw concrete crusher.
1. The jaw crusher  design and manufacturing processes: the movement of the JC series of jaw concrete Crusher method is the most advanced and proven mechanical design of the four-bar linkage theory. For example: bi-directional nip angle of the crushing chamber, the short bracket put on a large angle, reducing the transmission angle and eccentricity, to improve product performance and reliability. China's domestic PE series jaw concrete crusher manufacturer due to various reasons advanced design theory very little before the 1970s, almost all of the 20th century stereotypes of the mainstream products, wear-resistant materials and component parts (such as bearings, moving jaw, eccentric axis and other materials), domestic infrastructure, life below the international advanced level of similar products.
2. Jaw crusher structure: application of modular design of the JC series of jaw concrete crusher, the use of the split structure of the rack, both sides of the plate through the axle pin casting rack together. Motor installed in the rack in order to reduce the installation space; adjust the discharge opening device easy to adjust control gear machinery; special bearing structure, simplifies the manufacturing process. The split structure makes lifting (including the export of container transport), the installation work is simple to show its superiority, especially in the underground tunnel and install more mobile crushing station. Domestic machine PE series of welded or cast as a whole rack, in the case of approximately the same production capacity, the machine weight is nearly double of the JC series of jaw concrete crusher, to installation, lifting, maintenance inconvenience. Jaw concrete crusher parts of the processing are introduced.
3. Jaw concrete crusher production and saving: the same power and other conditions, the JC series of jaw concrete crusher made of PE series of production increases from 25 to 50 percent, saving more than 30%.
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