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daily maintenance skills of the crusher equipment
Crusher production, in particular the application of the roll crusher. Because the adjusting means having a high precision, requires production sure monitoring the overall performance of the crusher, to do maintenance and repair in a timely manner. Below is the maintenance of the crusher.
Minor repairs: check and fix broken cone upper suspension, dustproof device, eccentric sleeve, bevel gear, thrust disc, the drive shaft bushing wear and lubrication. Check and repair the lubrication system, replacement of oil. Inspection and repair throughout the liner wear and fastening. Minor repairs maintenance cycle is about two weeks.
In repair: check cycle is mainly determined by the conical liner and rack liner wear, as well as the drive shaft sleeve wear. In the repair including the conical liner replacement of broken; repair or replacement of the drive shaft, the drive shaft bushings, bevel gear and suspension wear parts; repair or replace the eccentric sleeve, inside and outside the village sets and thrust disc; repair and replacement of electrical equipment. Including repair all minor repairs, generally every six months.
Overhaul: repair replacement rack in the frame body, beams and repair base. Overhaul repair project inspection and processing, and technological innovation. The overhaul cycle is generally about five years.
It needs to be pointed out: the repair and overhaul cycle broken ore hardness. For example, broken magnetite hard, you need three to four months in repair time, and broken limestone mine, and some can be extended for two years or so. At the same time, with the crusher maintenance and repairs and spare parts quality usually have a great relationship. Therefore, the strengthening of the usual maintenance and repair work to prevent accidents, improve repair quality, is an important way to extend the period of operation of the machine.
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