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Vipeak's grinding mill is promoted the development of the green powder
  Mill as a ambassador of green powder industry, has always in according with the environmentally protection and energy efficient development path. Involved areas was continue to expand with the needs of industry, become stronger. It has turned into the indispensable backbone of powder industry.
  With the development of the industrial demand and various types of ore raw materials, vipeaks mill equipment continuous reform and progress, from the original mill to the present: high pressure V type mill, ultra fine grinder mill, Raymond mill, high pressure micro-power grinder and a variety of mill equipment series, materials processing also from the beginning: mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, to the development of a variety of fine ore, involving power plants, cement factories, laboratories and other industry sectors.
  The mill equipment of vipeak, compact structure, good performance, smooth operation, good wear resistance, noise production, low energy consumption, high output, from the device quality and performance of two-upgraded at the same time, bring the different experiences to new customers, fully play the green advantages of the mill equipment to pave the way for promoting the development of green powder.
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