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which crusher is the best choice for limestone?
As we all know, China has the largest cement production capacity in the world, for it owns rich limestone resources.
In some regions, the limestone has small hardness and low abrad ability, so the cost of limestone crushing is very low. And for some limestone sand making production lines, the maintenance cost is greatly reduced later. While in some regions, the limestone is very hard, so the limestone crusher is easily worn out, especially the crusher hammers.
So, for different regions in the world, the costs of limestone crushing are also so different. Then, which equipment we should select for our limestone crushing production line? From the most professional experts of Vipeak, we know that the cement plants previously prefer to select the jaw crusher as the primary crushing and the impact crusher as the second crushing at home and abroad. Even till now, many cement plants also adopt this limestone crushing technology. While in China, some cement plants have already chosen the single-stage hammer crusher to crush limestone. In this process, we just use one set of equipment to crush the limestone into the required size, which greatly reduces the production cost and simplifies the technical process. It proves that most of the single-stage hammer crushers can totally meet the limestone crushing needs, and especially the DPC single-stage hammer crusher from Vipeak stands out among them. The DPC single-stage hammer crusher can crush the large ores into the required size in one stage, and the powder making rate can reach 50%, which greatly reduces the energy consumption in the grinding process.
In fact, many large cement plants also select the single-stage hammer Crusher for limestone crushing, such as Shanshui cement plants, Hailuo cement plants and Huaxin cement plants and so on. In addition, there are thousands of cement plants building the long-term cooperation relationship with Vipeak, and they all purchase the single-stage hammer crusher from Vipeak.
Of course, the single-stage stage hammer crusher also can be used in limestone crushing co-production sand projects and sand making production lines, and the produced powder can be used to prepare raw material.
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