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Tips To improving the capacity of VSI Sand Maker
Sand making machine manufacturing industry in China is currently very popular, vipeak products installed grabbed sand making machine to achieve the best results, use the best technology.
Sand making machine is a new type of device from early single-stage sand making equipment improvements strengthen, perfect solution early Sand crushing wet material difficult problem, because the current two-stage Sand abandon the old-fashioned sand making brought the end of the screen and grate, broken high humidity materials ensure percentile.
There is old saying that: One hundred times crushing will not blocked, and discharge size can be adjusted freely, is currently the most perfect sand making machine Sand lumen hammer clearance. Dual-class sand making very unique design and maintenance is also very convenient, only one person to complete the maintenance operations, up and down the high-speed dual-stage rotor hit material faster and more thoroughly so that the material and sand control, production is more prominent, especially for high hardness materials the broken difficult problems make the perfect solution.
We constantly reform the technology due to the rising market demand for energy saving sand making equipment, which has been improved in many ways, our factory production equipment of good quality and sold throughout the country.
Loudly noise always occurs during the production of machinery and equipment, the noise will not only cause pollution, but also the people's mood becomes irritable, affecting productivity. Reduce energy-saving sand making noise measures: the protection of on-site staff; allows workers during operation, wear earplugs, earmuffs, helmets and other noise canceling Products; Production transformation of production processes and the use of low noise equipment. Our company through continuous reform and innovation, energy saving sand making machine has a heavy load and the characteristics of the high-speed rotation.
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