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Listed the accidents of the jaw crusher in illegal opearation

In the mine smelter plant or gravel, we must pay attention to the correct operation of the jaw crusher, so as to avoid accidents, while they should seize upon Danliaoan smelter or production safety, security operations, inculcate safety awareness to the workers, only safety work done in order to ensure normal operation of the work, while also lowering the direct result of the accident due to security costs.

A smelter feed system consists of a belt conveyor feed, the lithotripsy machine broken jaw after the next process. A night shift (0:00 am to 8:00), Wang workers in the post responsible for this operation, due to working on the broken chunks of raw materials more difficult to eat into the crusher, ore encountered chunks of ore must be removed downtime, Artificial using a sledgehammer Zacheng its first small. Feeding the normal operation of the complete production tasks as long as escaped more than five hours, and returned to work from the time when there are two hours to complete the task escaped around 60%. 6:00 about to enter a Daliao crusher operators see Wang crusher is constantly idling, ores not continue, it will stop conveyor belt, walked straight up to crusher feed mouth, in the left foot console edge, right feel like work to feed crusher I hit ore. Finally squeezed into stones, but because of excessive force Wang, also entered a crusher right foot, ankle broken all of the following folders.

Direct cause
Wang illegal operation. Working on the production as soon as possible in order to complete the task, impatient for success. Crusher rules in accordance with the provisions of the plant, crusher was expected jammed, it must deal with downtime. Wang did not take stands and treatment measures, but stepping lump ores, resulting in the accident.

Indirect causes
1, the plant safety of slack management. Wang did not work requirement to wear safety shoes, escaped squad, the discovery of this situation did not put a stop to.
2, weak safety awareness among workers. This accident if Wang, in a little more awareness of self-protection, can be avoided completely the occurrence of the accident.
3, emphasizing production of security is not the result of the accident, one of the reasons.

That responsibility
Security departments in charge of the plant through the scene of the accident and operating environment for the conduct of investigation and analysis, that this is a man-made accidents. Wang, the primary responsibility for the accident, escaped squad also due to poor management of this incident bears unshirkable responsibility. Of the two persons responsible for the plant to deal with: Wang has a serious injury and no longer economic punishment, to be recovered 30 days after the suspension reflect, and write a written assurance. Working on the squad to deal with the removal.

Preventive measures
1, to strengthen the safety training and education to enhance the safety of workers, and enhance the safety of skills and self-protection.
2, and stepping up production safety inspection of the scene, put an end to illegal operations, and illegal command.

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