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Stone Jaw crusher made in vipeak
Stone Jaw crusher is composed of moving jaw and static jaw the two jaw crushing cavities. Principle of work is the simulation of the animals two jaw crusher movement and complete material crushing . Widely used in mining, smelting, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry,etc .
Jaw crusher operation details :
Jaw crusher main structure of frame, eccentric shaft, belt pulley, flywheel, moving jaw, side guard plate, bracket, bracket in the back seat, adjustable gap screw, reset spring, fixed and mobile jaw jaw plate, etc. The bracket also have insurance effect. So what details need to be attention during operation, the following details for you:
1. The stone jaw crusher must no-load startup. Start if the crusher abnormal after tapping, should stop, find out and eliminate evils, reboot the machine. Starts  after a certain time, functioning in order to start the feed equipment. Feeding into the ore crusher should be gradually increased, until the full load operation and try to avoid overload.
2. In the process of operation, should often pay attention to each lubrication point of lubrication . Pay attention to the temperature of the bearing, especially the eccentric bearing temperature are not allowed to exceed 600 กใ C. Often check the abrasion of row ore mouth, according to the wear situation to adjust row ore mouth size.
3. In the process of running, but also often pay attention to the big ore blocks stuck crusher feed mouth, if you have stuck, must use the hook to flip the ore, so that it is ruled out. If the ore block broken cavity, should stop to mine, finished for ore crushing cavity to open feeder; If need large pieces of ore from the crushing cavity must be treated with specialized tools after downtime, it is forbidden to use hand to remove minerals from the crushing cavity, so as to avoid accidents.
4. Must pay attention to in the operation of the constant ore, ore to packed with crushing cavity. Feed at the same time keep a excavator relieving and drill bit, etc. The crushing material into the crusher. Once found the broken objects into the crushing cavity, and through the row ore mouth of the machine, should immediately notify the belt transport station take out in time, in order to avoid to the next section of the crusher, cause serious equipment accident.
In addition, vipeak heavy industry also produces strong jaw crusher and powerful impact crusher, these devices have been leaders in the field of stone crusher.
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