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attention items in coal crusher installation process
 (1) Tipper by a cone-shaped coal scuttle bucket, two and three tapered conical bucket bucket three kinds of structure. As the crusher or milling the material is squeezed into the grate holes to complete its work, the work process to ensure the smooth implementation of the crusher must have a clear work area of the whereabouts of the mouth. Two or three conical beams coal bucket by bucket crusher will affect the work. Therefore, the crusher face must avoid these beams, beam or lower beam above the material to ensure a smooth evacuation. The use of a conical hopper, crusher may be appropriate to close, arranged side by side.
(2) To ensure the normal operation of crusher, coal hopper grate holes must not be jammed. Grate a small hole should be made of the refrain, under the mouth large, in order to facilitate the material through the broken grate holes into the coal hopper. Even if sometimes the material stuck in the grate holes, as long as when the next broken down to make it a little squeeze also.
(3) Breaking away from the roller and grate surface should be minimized to ensure the crushing effect. According to the site using the experience, the distance of 25mm or so.
(4) Crushers and roll between the rotor should be a safe distance to ensure crusher in any position, any angle between the rotor to not crash. Minimum safe distance is 50mm.
(5) Cone crusher bucket with the lateral edge of the track distance is a need to discuss the issue. Because there are always some coal after roll-over will be deposited on the track, they work in the coal crusher pushed to the outside track. If the track with the tapered edge of the bucket is too small, coal can not fall into the coal hopper, the crusher will affect walking. According to experience, suggested that the distance of two grate holes (600mm or so).
(6) rotor-type car dumper way of wire rope should be replaced by the hydraulic pressure press car.
(7) roll-over machine room layout can be a parking space crusher.
Coal crusher series of design used in new power plants can also be used in power plants have been built. Depending on the type of roll models and dumper interior space, there should be series of products to meet power needs.
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