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vipeak offers you some Daily Operation Skills of Jaw Crusher
The correct daily operation of jaw crusher is the important factor for crusher¡¯s consecutive normal work. Vipeak gives some daily operation skills for customers¡¯ appropriate operation, avoiding accidents.
First: Before operation, examine the crusher carefully, including jaw crusher tooth plate wear, throat measurement, connection screws tightness, completeness of flywheel protection cover in belt pulley, triangle belt and trolley spring tightness suitability, lubrication system, electrical equipment and signal system situation, and the crushing cavity. If there is large ores in crushing cavity, remove them, the improper operation of jaw crusher can cause the crash phenomenon, so the feeding materials must be paid attention to. The material uniformity and hardness should be suitable. If possible, add crushing stage. The material feeding is not allowed to be packed with the crushing chamber, and the maximum material size is less than 0.85 times of feed port width. At the same time, forbid entering anti-mine materials like ironware; otherwise remove it from belt conveyor so as not to cause accident in next crushing stage.
Second: Keep the jaw crusher¡¯s optimum 1025201285124ber of revolutions. Within a certain range, the jaw crusher production capacity can be improved by increasing the eccentric shaft¡¯s 1025201285124ber of revolutions. However, it also can increase the power consumption for unit weight ore crushing. So the too large speed may lead to clogging phenomenon without discharging the crushed materials, reducing production capacity and power consumption. Therefore, jaw crusher should be with a proper revolution.
Third: In the condition of jaw crusher blockage by ore stuck, stop the machine and use the special tools to remove it, and prohibit the use of hand. After the stuck stone is taken is processed, start jaw crusher again.
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