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Price of jaw crusher, jaw crusher manufacturer
    With the implementation of the "12th Five-Year Plan, energy saving and environmental protection theme has already deeply in all fields. While thermal power industry as one of the more serious contamination plates, face greater environmental pressures. Therefore, to reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides, and to reduce environmental pollution has become the most important issue in the industry. Vic peak Heavy industry focus on the launch of the new jaw crusher, the effect of desulfurization and denitrification is notable; it can provide the most effective protection for the reform of denitration power market of thermal power plants.
    For the completion of the binding targets of reducing nitrogen oxide emissions, the environmental protection departments increase the supervision dynamics, issued a formal denitrification tariff policy, coupled with the increasing investment on energy saving and environmental protection, Thermal power denitration subsidies will also be increased, Under the promoting of series of policy, it can not only mobilize the denitration transformation enthusiasm in thermal power enterprises, but also laid the foundation for the thermal power plant officially entered the era of the denitrification in China.
    As the Denitration market outbreak soon, crusher industry is also facing a better market opportunities. Vipeak jaw crusher adopts Strong wear accessories, crushing cavity is deep and without dead zone, the feed capacity is large; stable performance, large crushing ratio, output size is uniform;, low noise, less dust, energy saving and environmental protection, one machine can saving 15% to 30% energy, the system energy saving is up to more than twice; and widely use in cement plants, gravel plants, stones factory, thermal power plant desulfurization field, also win the high praise by customers.
   Currently, as the cost pressures, technical bottlenecks, policy lags and other factors, the situation of thermal power denitration transformation in many areas is not very good, under the guidance of the policy of continuous improvement, further realize the denitration transformation of this large project. Crusher industry should seize the potential opportunity of the denitrification market, research and develop more and more efficient, high-quality , energy saving and environmental protection crushing equipments independently , dedicated for environmental development of the thermal power industry.
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